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Drowning' Man's Blues

To provide a context for ‘Drownin’ Man’s Blues’, I recall when I released ‘Zephyrs’ in Feb of 2020, that was my second record in a matter of months and I felt it would be right to take a break. However, while I recognized that ‘Zephyrs’ was more of a therapeutic and melancholic exercise in songwriting for me, there was still this growing volcanic-level energy within me that needed some level of appeasement, and right around then is when I dove deep into the Johnny Winter catalogue.

I believe that was the catalyst to the entire ‘On The Pull’ record which just came out, and it became the vehicle which allowed me to engage in a level of songwriting and storytelling based on escapism which ‘Drownin’ Man’s Blues’ essentially is. This song captures the experiences of a man caught in a world built on suffocating economics…someone who is struggling to align his sense of values with the crumbling socio-cultural world he lives in. After an introspective journey he realizes that his means of escaping is to pursue his deep-rooted passion which is to play the blues… to live the blues!

So, to capture that degree of authenticity, I started investing a lot of time in the history of the blues and the great blues musicians of the past, and the fascinating culture which is bound to the ‘land’ in this case the delta and Mississippi and so on so forth, and I started imagining what it would be like to travel that land and live a life of playing the blues. In many respects, I believe this character simply is a personification of myself, and its through his eyes that you can read my mind.


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