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Yard Of Blonds

I wanted to create a song to listen on a desert highway, a song that takes you on a trip. If you listen to 'Do You Need More?' and don’t really focus on the lyrics, you might think it’s a love song. While it feels like it, specially at the beginning, it’s actually a toxic love story where one gaslights another and it ends up with kind of a Stockholm syndrome situation. I love that you can discover new layers of sound and meaning every time you listen.

It’s a very energetic and dynamic song that seems straight forward at the beginning but it evolves into a more complicated piece throughout the song as Fanny is adding more and more layers of vocals and as we end up breaking the installed routine with some surprisingly heavy bridge. 

It’s funny because when I first wrote it I didn’t think much of this song, but Fanny liked it so much she insisted we present it to Billy Graziaidei (Biohazard), our producer. And he loved it too and told me it was going to be a single. I didn’t believe so but we worked on it together and he helped rearrange it like it is today. 

I actually wrote 'Do You Need More?' back in 2013 right after the release of our Murderology EP. It’s one of the oldest songs from our upcoming album. I remember we played it first on a French tour back in 2015 and we loved it so much that we began to open our shows with this song. And to this day 'Do you need more?' is still our concert opener.

Kenny Wesley

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David Garlitz

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