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Like What

Drowning In Your Eyes

This song is one of my earliest ones, I babied it for a very long time. I liked the melody, I liked the lyrics: it captures the mood of a rainy evening, standing on 5th Avenue, right in front of Guggenheim Museum at Central Park, waiting for a girl who is late. Very New York...

But still, when I compiled the songs for 'Avant-Garde', the debut album of Like What, I put this song aside again. The album aimed to bring back the sound of the dark 80s, and I felt 'Drowning In Your Eyes' was too pretty compared to the other songs.

Then on one of my vocal lessons I showed the demo to my teacher. She listened to it and at the end quietly looked at me saying "this song is very dark... I would hate if someone wrote a song like this about me". I started to laugh and thought maybe this song was a good fit after all!

So it became the closing song of the album and even today it's one of my favorites, especially together with the beautiful music video.

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