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The Chevaliers

The Void

“The void awaits surely all them that weave the wind”

Inspired by a quote from ‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce, ‘The Void’ by The Chevaliers examines the existential catharsis that comes with the acceptance that nothing waits beyond this world. With a 60’s pop ethos and a splash of 90’s quirk and heft, ‘The Void’ bursts out of the gates with a cock-sure Indie-Rock bluster.

With no time for sentiment, The Chevaliers scythe a path through manipulative religious terror to craft a defiant anthem that’ll have you dancing and shouting along to the end of the world.

With a Surf-Rock reminiscent, retro feel and memorable refrain, ‘The Void’ crashes into life with Garage-Punk guitars, in-your-face vocals and an insistent, propulsive groove. Sporting a healthy weariness and wariness of existing power structures, The Chevaliers swagger through ruminations on the inevitability of life and death with an easy charm.

The recording project of Dee Why artist/producer Josh Atkinson, The Chevaliers take an eclectic view of music and pop culture to create clever, punchy and irresistibly catchy tunes.


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