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Macedo grabs attention because of the twin sisters' drop-dead good looks and beautiful vocals, but they keep you listening because of the bright pop hooks. Macedo is the sort of act that you initially just smile at, only to get pulled into the sultriness of the songwriting and the stellar quality of the act's true musicianship. Michelle leads, and Melissa harmonizes while playing piano, occasionally drifting just above the level of jazz café filler. However, Macedo can surprise you with a pulsing Coldplay-style rhythm, and you're hooked back in.

The sisters have chiseled out a unique space in indie pop; brighter than Norah Jones and bluesier than Feist. More than just a family effort, Macedo is powered by a full band using the sounds and emotions of soul and the poetic lyrics of singer-songwriter folk rock. Sonically, the band achieves a unique blend of jazzy pop, using the low hum of a cello, bright electronic touches of keyboard, and the rolling force of piano and bass.

The radio-ready single Caught stands out as the most in-line with other successful melody-driven, female pop songs. Other Macedo songs prove the band's range and will appeal to fans at least as much: Say Goodnight glimmers with bluesy drama, while the stark, piano-and-vocals Most Beautiful Woman drives home the smartness of the lyrics and the band's possibilities as a go-to choice for heartfelt singalongs.

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