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"Venice", the title track, off of Lyn Saga's first full-length release is a testament to California power-pop. With crunchy guitars and squealing feedback, the song is reminiscent of Weezer-eque riffs. Lyrics are simple, honest, and relatable, juxtaposing the Venice beach lifestyle with the qualms of working a stuffy nine to five job. Saga's expressive vocals further emphasize this struggle and the longing for a more simplistic carefree life on the beach. The lyrics: "I want to be the person that I used to be/On Venice Beach when days belonged to you and me/Before the work and all responsibility..." were influenced by Saga's real life experiences working in a high stress environment as a surgical nurse while trying to maintain the quintessential laid back California lifestyle. "The only thing that I looked forward to during that time in my life was the weekend. All I really wanted to do was to play my guitar on the beach!" states Saga. "But instead my life felt like a Robert Frost poem 'i have promises to keep and miles and miles before I sleep'. And that is what I tried to capture in this song. I think that stressful situations can easily change who you are inside and it's important to step back once and a while to recognize this."

Beauty and Sadness

In 2016, Cuba opened its borders to the U.S. ...

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