The World's Most Expensive Turntables ..

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Aleks Bakman’s Onedof - $200,000

The Onedof turntable is truly one of a kind. Designed by engineer Aleks Bakman, who has won awards for his work with NASA, Onedof turntable eliminates friction and all other sources of disturbance and thus provides world's smoothest listening experience. The design is truly innovative, using an advanced rotation system, with no contact of solid parts, that virtually eliminates noise and vibration. No expense has been spared in the construction: Onedof is beautifully constructed using real gold to give a gleaming shine that is the icing on the cake of this impressive turntable.

Onedof is an engineering term meaning that all unwanted micro-scopic and nano-scopic motion associated with disturbance of the sound is eliminated. There is only one motion left - steady rotation about the axis, passing through the center of the Earth (which is the definition of the vertical axis).

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