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Phantom Fundamental

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Phantom Fundamental is an up-and-coming band from Mason, MI. (just outside of Lansing) We are classified as an 'alternative' band, but one of our goals as musicians is to exist outside the confines of a genre. Instead of trying to fit in, we just make the music we want to make. Of course, we have roots constant in our songs- such as rich acoustic undertones through guitar and piano layered with complex, stimulating sounds through electric guitar and synthesizer- but we always try to reinvent what a band can do. Using those aspects of our sound as a base, we are able to branch out, taking leaps into more areas of music than even we anticipated upon joining together in early 2011.

In this way, we aren't limited to a single genre and combined with an openness to take interesting and unique paths in our songs, we can really write from within ourselves. And this is the single most important thing about making music: You've gotta feel it and you've gotta mean it.

Our new song 'Right Past Me' is no exception to this ideal. It's a song about heartbreak, lost love, and a fairly universal human experience. Stepping away from some of our more complex arrangements, 'Right Past Me' is based around a simple four-chord structure with subtle, but intriguing embellishments throughout the song. This allows the lyrics to take center-stage and connect with the listener in a truly fundamental way.

This song tells the story of a heartbreaking experience that we know we're not alone in feeling. It's the story of a breakup between two very close and very in love people. The pain of the loss is so much that they both block out every memory of their relationship together. And after some time, when the two pass each other on the street and don't even acknowledge one another. If you have ever gone through a difficult breakup with someone that you deeply cared about, you can definitely understand the emotions in the chorus.

Here she comes
She's walking
Right towards me
Looks happy

I stop to
Say something
But she walks
Right past me

In the end, 'Right Past Me' is organic and heartfelt. It was written only as an expression of true worry and despair. You've gotta feel it and you've gotta mean it and Phantom Fundamental does just that. We think that you'll enjoy our new song and hope that you can really get a sense all of the heart that we put into 'Right Past Me.'


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