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"So did you waste it?...."

That's pretty much the question I was asking myself at the time. I'm pretty sure we all come to the point sometime in our lives where we stop and ask ourselves "What the hell are we doing?...and why? There's definitely a moment where things change, and we go from being passive and reactive to everything that occurs in our lives, to when we grab a hold of the reins and actually start living it.

So this song was pretty much my moment. We were in kind of a transitional state with band (both our bassist and our drummer had left to pursue other goals), finding new members, and I had just gone through a couple years of hell (crazy ex girlfriend, DUI, and some other worse stuff I won't mention..). So I was in a wierd spot, not feeling too positive about where I was life-wise. On top of that, writing lyrics to songs always came pretty easy, but after everything that had been going on, I honestly didn't know what I was going to write about anymore. I was stuck, I was questioning pretty much all all the decisions I've made, and wasn't really proud of who I felt I was becoming. Munir, our other guitarist suggested I just try writing about everything that happened and how It affected me, and so that's basically what I tried.

"There's no mistakes, you are what you are....Yeah there's no mistaking it, you'll be what you become."

I figured: We're all pretty much the sum of all our parts, both the good and bad, and regardless of what's happened.....our pasts don't dictate our respective futures. We'll all go through situations that are less than ideal and majorly suck, but as long as we learn from those situations, we'll end up stronger, and more capable people.


"Words will be words, and until I start to live them, pain is what I'll feel and the need to be forgiven, and love will be a game, until we all start believing it's true..."

"So I'll deal with these cards, the hand that's been given...and play them till the end, because in the end we're not living...and hope is what I'll have, and hope is what I'm breathing in..."

To sum it up: Life's a gift, so we shouldn't waste it...as long as you stay positive and try to be the best "you" possible... it'll never be wasted.


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