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"Read my feelings, wrong the rights, distant dealings, fear into fright, I want you, you want me, let's make this happen, drift into the sea" is the opening line to my song DIVE IN DESTINY.

I tend to write from the side of contradiction in that we can't possibly control our destiny but we sure try to. The chorus says "and I won't let destiny get the best of me, destiny ain't got nothing on me, destiny can take the rest of me"

The chorus is an anthem of not allowing Destiny to control your life. Few of us actually live on a daily basis, we plan 5years in advance of what our life will be like or what we hope our life will be like, and Dive in Destiny is saying "I won't let destiny get the best of me" To me the most important part of music is what it makes you feel and how it makes you feel. Belting out against your destiny feels good and empowering, and we humans love to feel empowered.

The last verse of the songs states, "into the fog wraps, the wake to rest, the night air settles in it's deep dark breath, set the bar high, rise and fall, we want nothing but we take it all!" Again, the contradictory in the lines "we want nothing but we take it all" is a thought provoking contrast in next saying "and I won't let destiny get the best of me" Of course I want this song to be interpreted however one could apply it to one's life in the most positive and uplifting way, that's the most important thing. it's much less important of what it means to me and I want the listener to apply it to their soul to it as I have attempted to apply mine.

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