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The song "Cool Blue Fire" came from conversations I have had with people who are facing the end of life.

We spend so much time building walls that are designed to keep others away from our vulnerability. But when the end comes it is impossible to maintain the illusion of strength. How a person responds to this event is determined by how much they can let go and trust others to help them through their fear of dying. I have sat beside 3 people who are going through this event, and it always gives me a renewed perspective on living. Mostly they feel that "lifetimes are catching up" with them. They suddenly realize how much they need to give and receive all the love they held back through their lives. Everything else falls away and they call out to their loved ones for comfort, and to let them know how much they are needed.This process is both heart-breaking and inspiring, and I'll never forget it.

When Diamondwolf sings this song we remember to be always in the present moment. We feel deeply honored to be able to make music. "Cool Blue Fire" reminds us that life is short, and that we owe it to our fans to sing every show like it's our last.


Without your cool blue fire
I won’t make it
come back and find me
down on my knees
Now there’s lightning strike
buried in ashes
that’s what I surrendered
to be by your side

And lifetimes are catching up with me
in a state of emergency

And I won’t make it
there’s nothing to follow
and no one to believe
but I’m gonna take my chance
I’m willing and ready
to love like tomorrow
won’t ever come

And lifetimes are catching up with me
in a state of emergency

When I call your name
won’t you help me tear this madhouse down
Our desires still remain
and there’s no way out of your cool blue flame

Now the border is open
But I was not invited
and I can’t go alone

Lifetimes are catching up
Lifetimes are catching up with me
in a state of emergency


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