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Most of our songs are made up narratives about things we think are interesting/funny/amusing. Most of our music is pretty light hearted and fun. But, one of the songs from our new album is actually based in real experience. (It's sort of the closest thing we've ever done to a battle rap).

The song is titled Suntan Charlie vs The Hurricane and its loosely based on the interaction that our lead singer, Ostrich, had with the former governor of Florida Charlie Crist. A little while before they met Charlie Crist had gone around the state of Florida claiming that Florida had not been hit by hurricane while he was governor because he wrote prayer letters and stuck them in a wall in Jerusalem. Ostrich did not think that this was a very good policy for dealing with hurricanes in a state that has seen pretty heavy hurricane damage over the years (in fact he lost a job in the Florida Keys due to damage caused by Hurricane Wilma). So, when he happened to run into Charlie Crist, who was campaigning for senator, at the time Ostrich asked him about it. During their brief conversation on of Crist's aids put a campaign sticker on Ostrich's chest, which Crist ripped off upon finding out that Ostrich was non-religious.

The song is a response to that encounter, a childish mean spirited immature response (we are a punk band after all). Although we think it's fine for people to believe and practice any religion they choose, we also think the governor of a state should not make official statements of magically warding off hurricanes and furthermore should not act in such a ridiculous and bigoted manner when confronted about it. Also, as the song points out in the bridge, a lot of other places did get hit by pretty serious hurricanes during Crist's tenor as governor. If he had the power to stop hurricanes, why only do it in Florida? Why let a hurricanes hit already impoverished areas that are even less equipped to deal with those disasters? So that's why we wrote that song. But, in addition to covering this topic we think it is an awesome high energy punk song, with a nice grooving bridge in the middle. I hope you find that interesting. Not too many bands have personal beef with high ranking government officials. The song is going to be on our upcoming album Curse of the Unsinkable Ship which will be released in January of 2013.


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