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Falling Through April

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Our song Save Our Love, from our debut album "Take Flight", is the motto of our band. From the title someone instantly assumes this is about a relationship or a love song. True but not true. This is a metaphor for what this band loves more than anything else, our band and music.


This song tells the story of the struggles a band faces and that nothing will hold us back from pursuing our dreams; together. The opening line states "Time, was never on our side when it came to this life but in time we came to realize all the signs that have been right in front of us this whole time" - this is about the length of time and commitment it takes to make a name for your band and former band members that had addiction problems that almost caused this band to fail.

The two original members changed the name of their former band and recruited 3 new members to start fresh and begin rebuilding the dream we all have. With a new name, Falling Through April, and new members it was time to write about how nothing will stand in the way of our success.

The lines "Profile my style, it doesn't matter to me. I'm just 'running the clock chasing a dream' tick tock don't stop or forever stay in the same old scene - hey California we'll be coming your way with all the pretty girls and we're here to stay. On an east to west coast airplane comes the music that'll make you sway!" is our anthem that no matter what people say about how difficult the business is and we're wasting our lives chasing an unattainable dream we believe in ourselves and our music and before you know it we'll be on the West Coast to take over the scene and continue to make our dream a reality.

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