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Await Rescue - "All She Needs"

Category: Songwriter Stories
Our song "All She Needs" was inspired by us as humans and how easily we take for granted "our" planet. Living in a metropolis, it is both plain to see and easy to overlook how big of an impact we make on this place we call home. Day to day for as long as we know, we have simply destroyed and drained this fragile ecosystem with little remorse, and "All She Needs," while it may appear on the surface to be about a girl, is about a cleansing of us as a species.

The song, both structurally and lyrically, is meant to be an expression of this planet as I imagine it: frustration and anger. If 'she' could speak, I like to think that there would be a message of retaliation, and if 'she' could act, I'm sure there would be one big gust to wipe us away.

It's not about some relationship with some girl that's on-the-mend. It's about how fucked we are for being an irresponsible species of bacteria.
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