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Do you  love the magnificence of nature? Have you ever spent time in a perfectly beautiful natural environment? A place free of plans, deadlines, and noisy tours? Do you want to try something you’ve never done before? There’s a place, and it shines brightly in summer, with comfortable temperatures and crisp mountain air. Mountain air that is intoxicating. Each inhalation, rejuventating and relaxing. Mark Twain said, “the air was pure enough for angels.” Welcome to Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe is America’s treasure. The entire setting is stunning in its pure beauty, with the lake itself, the centerpiece, which speaks to all of Lake Tahoe, the majestic voice in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is the largest Alpine Lake in North America and the 16th deepest lake in the world. It’s 22 miles long and 12 miles wide. At its deepest point, it is 1,645 feet, which is also the reason it never freezes.The lake is mesmerizing, hypnotic, and famous for its sparkling clear water, as well as its kaleidoscope of colors, absorbed from the surrounding mountain peaks. As the seasons change, the lake reflects the forever changing colors identifying each season. The lake tells nature’s story. It is no surprise that Twain upon seeing the lake for his first time declared it “the fairest picture the whole earth affords.” The blues of the lake are astonishing. They have been described as sapphire, turquoise, cobalt, azure, and many other shades of deep blue.

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Summer in Lake Tahoe offers wonderful activities for everyone. Whether you are a dare devil who prefers edginess in your life or a romantic who enjoys a more sedate time, the choices are plentiful. Everyone can find happiness while in Lake Tahoe. If it involves water, you are definitely in paradise. There is just about everything you could want. Take your pick from boating cruises, water skiing, sailing, kayaking, parasailing, and jet skiing. All necessary equipment is available for rental. Scuba diving is quite popular and advanced because it offers dramatic wall dives for the bolder divers. You are at a high altitude which of course has some impact on your breathing.

If you love an idyllic environment, but you’re not a water person, don’t fret. There is bicycling, golf, tennis, rock climbing at various levels of experience and comfort, camping, hiking, with numerous trails on a sliding scale of difficulty, and the ever growing interest in horseback riding. Many people love the idea of  horseback riding but have never gotten around to it. With some instruction, they are up and riding. What may have been inconceivable is suddenly doable. Perhaps nature offers  a disguised confidence. Finally, they ride on horseback, love it, and step off quite proudly. Another notch on the bedpost.

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There is a first time for every-thing. Even bungee jumping. If this seems a bit nerve wracking, you can take a giant step back in time and enjoy the narrated tour following the Pony Express Trail. I assure you this is slow. It is part of the Virginia City Historic Tour from Lake Tahoe. You will visit Genoa (Nevada’s oldest settlment), Carson city, and America’s largest historic landmark, Virginia City-the Comstock Lode. You have a few hours to shop, visit luxurious mansions and museums, as well as an authentic mine, concluding with drinks at the Delta Saloon, established in 1875!

There is a one day journey to Yosemite National Park which is a wildly exciting adventure. A must see. Yosemite covers close to 1,100 square miles of sensational scenery. You will see Tuolumne  Meadows, also called, Yosemite’s “high country.” There is a very reasonable one mile walk  to view the massive Sequoias. These are names we have heard forever. See these places and experience them, for they are among the best the world has in spectacular scenery. And, it’s here in America.

Summer weather is hot but never without the coolest mountain breeze. People say it’s the perfect summer weather. August, being the warmest, still averages a maximum of 78.7 F(25.9C). If you are interested in nightlife and casinos, it is best that you stay in South Tahoe, where there is  a wider variety of entertainment and hotels. Summer is a busy time, it’s wise to book in advance.

Your experience is sure to be memorable; whether it was your first plunge into the bluest and deepest of lakes or your racing heart as you mounted a horse for the first time. Maybe, you stepped into a glamourous casino, abandoned your timidity, and took your seat at a table with luck on your side. You might even have won. All around, Lake Tahoe is a win.


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