Staying in Lake Tahoe

By: Gregory Ortel

If you want to learn about the Lake Tahoe 5 Star Hotels, then you'll want to read this article. Specifically I'll discuss three things. What to look for in a hotel in Lake Tahoe, the location of some of the hotels and why it could make a difference, and amenities. After reading this article, you should be able to have a fairly good idea of the options in finding a Lake Tahoe 5 Star Hotel that fits your needs and hopefully your budget.

First off, you need to ask yourself what are you looking for in a 5 star hotel. Most 5 star hotels offer a wide range of luxury. Do you need a spa, fancy towels, concierge services, or business services? Most of the 5 star hotels in Lake Tahoe offer this and more. Usually the rooms are spacious and comfortable as they try to give that home like feeling and at the same time offer all the necessities for the recreational and business traveler alike. Some offer corporate membership services that not only makes reservations easy but also more sophisticated and efficient services that a business person expects. For the person who is staying mainly for recreational purposes there are such things as golfing, boating, fishing, and skiing in the winter time.

Selecting the location of your hotel can make the difference between having your stay great and less than enjoyable. If you are coming to Lake Tahoe to ski then obviously you would want to pick a hotel that is close to the many ski resorts. For example, the Embassy Suites Lake Tahoe Hotel & Ski Resort is located at the base of the The Heavenly. After a long fun day of skiing or snowboarding the last thing you want to do is fight traffic and the snow to get back to your hotel. Many are located within a short walk or drive of the major winter resorts so this is something to check out before making any reservations. One other thing to consider is if you like to gamble. If so, you will want to look for a hotel located on the Nevada side.

Lastly are the amenities. Standard hotel amenities are the added benefits that can make a hotel room more like home. Basic things like shampoo, soap, and hair dryers in the bathroom to plasma televisions and high speed internet connection. At one of the Lake Tahoe 5 Star Hotels these should exceed your expectations. Some will actually let you choose your own amenities based on your needs and demands. Other hotel amenities could include a bar, recreation room, a doctor on call, a lift and/ or elevator, reception service, restaurants, and of course a indoor or outdoor swimming pool.


Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel or just a nice clean and modern place to stay, the Lake Tahoe 5 star hotels will surely fit your needs and the hospitality in Lake Tahoe usually at its best. Plan ahead a pick a location that suits your needs. If you come to ski then pick something close to the slopes or if your thing is gambling then pick a hotel in Nevada. Do you have special needs that will make your visit comfortable? Check what the hotels offer as far as amenities. You might be surprised what you will find with just a little investigating. For anyone who is planning a visit to Lake Tahoe and want nothing but the best, you owe it to yourself to check out the many hotels available to you in beautiful Lake Tahoe.

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