Why is South Beach So Cool?

By: Mark Andersen

The better question here is what is not cool about South Beach? If you are looking for a hot vacation spot that has a taste of something for everyone, South Beach in Florida is exactly the place for you. Crystal clear ocean water that never goes below 70 degrees, perfect beaches, incredible food and a great nightlife sounds like the perfect spot, doesn’t it? You would have to be a fool to go anywhere else.

South Beach gets a bad rep for being expensive, when if you know what you are doing, it is far from the truth. Sure, if you want to spend $1,000 a night on your room you can, but there is no need to do that.

There are plenty of hotels and rentals that are very reasonably priced. Now these are not buried back way off the strip either, these are beach front properties that will have you right in the middle of the action. Take a place like The Royal Palms. This is a great hotel that is located right next to the Loews that always has a reasonable rate. It is a beautiful property with 2 pools that is located right on the beach and you can stay there for under $170 a night.

Once you get your accommodations straightened away, it is time to start enjoying the beach. Unlike most areas, your beach chairs and towels are part of the room rate of your hotel. They all have specific areas on the beach that are reserved for them so you are guaranteed a chair regardless of the time of the day that you wander down to take a splash in the ocean. If you are smart though, you will get down there nice and early and take advantage by getting a spot close to the water.

The temperature difference in being down there versus back further can be amazing sometimes, besides who wants to look at the back of other people all day when you can look out into that beautiful ocean.

Speaking of the ocean, WOW! You will night find a better place to cool off. The water is usually between 70 and 80 degrees and it is always clear blue. The breakers that they have built into the ocean assure everyone of being able to just relax and enjoy the water without fear of getting beaten up by the waves. If you are looking to surf, there are also plenty of spots where the ocean runs wild.

The restaurants are probably one of the best features of South Beach, Florida. You simply will not find the quality of food and the variety anywhere else that you will find here. They are stacked up one after another on the main strip, so they don’t have a choice other than to serve great food with great service. You will need to hit them up before dinner though because when you get off of that beach and are dying for something to drink, there is no better place to go for a perfect Mango Margarita than Tequila Chicas.

It is located right off the beach on 15th Street and they run a happy hour every day from 4 7pm. Half price drinks and half price appetizers to get your night rolling in the right direction. They have an absolutely incredible selection of tequila’s and even have a pole dancing contest during the week where the winner gets money towards their bar tab. How much better can it get?

When you are ready to slide out for dinner, you are assured of a great meal just about anywhere you go. Competition is so fierce for customers that you will often find some great 2 1 specials and plenty of great drink deals going on up and down the main strip. One thing that you need to make sure you do though is visit The Cavalier Crab House on Ocean Drive. Great outside seating and some of the best tasting crabs on the strip.

When night time rolls around and you are ready to do some serious partying, you have to start the night off at Mango’s. This place is guaranteed to get you in the right mood as nobody walks out of their unhappy after the bartenders and servers jump up on the bars and do their thing. It is a great show and a great time that gets everyone involved and in the mood to have a good time.

You can then let your night wind down at The Clevelander. This place has just undergone a remodel and is now better than ever. Far and away one of the best outside bars on the strip, you get great drinks, incredible entertainment and just an all around great experience. There is nothing like being around a bunch of people that want to have a good time and that is exactly what The Clevelander is.

If you need more reasons why South Beach is so cool, there are plenty of them. Incredible dance clubs, great ethnic dining on Espanola Way and plenty of romantic spots when you are looking to tone it down a little are just a few more reasons to head south. You want cool? South Beach is the definition of cool!

Author Resource:-> Mark Andersen writes for MiamiSmarts, a website that offers a wealth of original information on Miami, FL. At http://www.miamismarts.com learn about South Beach, things to do at night in Miami and more.

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