Your Next Trip to Nevada

By: John Slater

Nevada is a state known for its tourist attractions but casinos and shows are not all that the great state of Nevada has to offer. Throughout the state there is spectacular scenery, rich history, and one of a kind plant life and wildlife. From the Black Rock Desert to the Shoshone Mountains to Lake Mead there is so much more for visitors to explore than many realize. But of course the Las Vegas Strip has much excitement and fun to offer as well, it all depends on what kind of vacation you want to take and what attractions you enjoy but one thing is for sure, you are sure to find what you’re looking for in the state of Nevada.

One reason for all the visitors to the state of Nevada each year is the rich history that is evidenced throughout the state. In 1830 the state was part of the Old Spanish Trail that led many out west during the Gold Rush that began in 1849. The California Trail ran through Nevada as well and is connected to the famed Oregon Trail which both also led many during the Gold Rush. The history involved with these three countries alone is enough to intrigue even the most sincere of history buffs. Another area of history that is well sought out in the state of Nevada is the many old mining towns that can be found throughout the state. Visitors can get a true taste of the Old West by touring such towns as Carson City, Austin, Pioche, Genoa, and Virginia City. Nevada is truly a state for history buffs to explore and the history is great for children of all ages is well so whether your taking a vacation alone or with the family you will be sure to enjoy exploring this great state.

Nature is another extremely popular reason for visiting Nevada. Here you will find things that can be found no where else. Desert land is abundant with the Black Rock Desert and the famed Death Valley as the state receives little more than approximately nine inches of any kind of precipitation each year. This land is a prime spot for and the home to a variety of unique plant life including the various types of cactus, yucca, rabbit brush, bitter brush, and sagebrush. The state is also home to the spectacular Hoover Damn which is 726 feet high, 1,244 feet long, and can be toured by visitors to the state. There are also a number of pristine lakes in the state as well. Nature lovers can enjoy a variety of water sports, and camping on lakes such as Pyramid Lake, Walker Lake, Lake Mead, and Lake Tahoe. No matter what kind of natural surroundings you enjoy the most you can be sure that you will appreciate the nature that the state of Nevada is known for. With all there is to see and do in the state you will be wishing your vacation was longer and already be planning the next one before the first one is done.

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