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With artists Tom Lieber, an abstract painter from Kaua'i, and contemporary art star William T. Wiley on board, Galerie 103 will be mounting their first Art Basel exhibit at the Sagamore. From December 2-5 the show at 'the art hotel' will also feature the refined abstractions of Peter Bodnar, and lithographs by H.C. Westermann, who was in many ways a precursor to Wiley.

Wiley's “Do Not Be Afraid” is  a limited edition of 40 prints created for galerie 103 is based on an original watercolor made by Wiley  in the summer of 2009. The artist has used the blackboard motif at the heart of the print since 1971, when he was teaching at The University of California Davis. These pieces look like old-timey school slates and contain instructions, homilies and folk wisdom. As is often the case in Wiley’s slate pieces, the recurring figure of the hourglass, “Buster Time,” stands front and center here, reminding us that time flies. The hourglass image is hand-drawn on the archival pigment print on rag paper. The paint on the palette is hand-applied, making each piece a unique original. The edition of prints is entitled,

Galerie 103 is located in Poipu on the island of Kaua'i, and has earned a reputation for mounting spare, smart shows that feature both local artists and international talent. The contemporary artists of Hawaii have often been under represented or misrepresented outside of the islands because we love to pigeonhole artists, and it's especially easy to do when they live in popular tourist destinations. Gallerist Bruna Stude hopes to open some minds with the work of several Hawaii based artists including painter Carol Bennett, who recently showed in Manhattan, and octogenarian collage artist Kathleen Adair Brown. Also included in a multi-media presentation will be A.Kimberlin Blackburn, Margaret Ezekiel, Sally French, Karen Gally, Ante Mandaric, Deyana Mielke, Christopher Reiner, Mark Van Wagner and Wayne Zebzda.


Doug Britt   Untitled, 1982, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48 inches

Doug Britt' work has always been reactionary  to what’s happening in the world. While the island of Kauai remains overrun by wild roosters crowing day and night as it was decades ago,  in context of today's social, political, economic issues, and environmental degradation, Britt's iconic  image of a rooster created in the early eighties remains current and relevant, maybe even more today the ever before.

Hawaii's unique environment makes it a vibrant center of awareness and critical debate on issues affecting our planet. Stude, along with Doug Britt and Mac James will examine some of these issues during Art Basel events, through various media. Internationally important art can and does happen in Hawaii both because of, and despite it's great natural attractions.

Tom Lieber Breach I,  2010 oil on canvas,  60x48 inches

Galerie 103
Kukui'ula Village
2829 Ala Kalanikaumaka
Kaua'i, 96756
808 742 0103


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