The Headphone That Beat Beats and Bose

Everyone is familiar with Beats by Dr. Dre, and Bose headphones, and maybe you think they're pretty good. Well those famous brands had better watch their backs, according to Consumer Reports Magazine, because headphones by Grado Labsout of Brooklyn NY are better than both of them. In fact, seven of the top ten rated headphones were by Grado Labs.

Named the top-rated headphone model, the $300 Grado 325 was deemed superior to any of the models made by Beats or Bose. At any price. In June, Grado released an update to the model, called the 325e, which delivers even more bang for your buck. 

Unlike the bigger competitors, Grado products are hand-assembled in the family's original Brooklyn location, as they have been for more than 60 years. The style, if you can call it that, is retro only because they never changed it. All Grado headphones, except the in-ear models, are open-back; which means you can hear ambient sound around you and others can tell what you're listening to. These are headphones for serious listening, not for commuting.


The 325e modelis said to have "Less bling, more zing", a comment Consumer Reports found to be right on target. "I don't especially care what my headphones look like" the reviewer says. "I can't see them while I'm wearing them, and I'm not counting on headphones to enhance my admittedly low social status. But I do want them to sound good, and in this area the 325 headphones excel, providing excellent overall sound, with a neutral to cool character".

There's plenty more technical information on the official Grado Store site., called

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