Zack DeZon

Zack DeZon

Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Zack DeZon is a fashion and portrait photographer with a background and education in theatre performance. This mixture of disciplines imbues his shoots with a sensitivity and openness that helps make his portraits stand out not only for their style, but their honesty.

"I graduated from theatre school in 2009—with a nascent career in photography. The reasons I stopped pursuing acting are uninteresting, but in starting to shoot I discovered what had attracted me to the field in the first place: the actors.

"To me, actors are an incredible breed—expressive, empathetic, quick to say 'yes' to any new life experience, and, for reasons that vary from person to person, driven to compete in one of the most legendarily ruthless industries in the world.

"When work is slow, I keep my skills sharp by shooting my friends, many of whom are still actors. Their boundless determination keeps me motivated, their bouts with adversity keep me humble. And I'm beginning to realize these people are my artistic inspiration.

"With The Field, I hope to capture a snapshot of the performing world in 2013. Starting in January in New York, I will be shooting a series of portraits with actors and other performers under 35. In June, I plan to take a two-to-three-month trip out to L.A. to capture the West Coast's crop of young performers. By the end of the year, I will produce a 40-50 page 8"x10" hardcover book containing the best photos from the project. For sponsors who donate $750 or more, I'll print up an extra-special 12"x12" limited edition version, including outtakes and professional-grade printing.

"Some will be film actors, some stage. Some will perform improv comedy, others Shakespeare. Some will be struggling, some will see their stars already rising. And I hope that in 20 years, they will all be able to look at this book and see in it page after page of huge successes in the making."


Below are some of Zack's previous portraits of actors.

Peter Vack Erica Dasher Marlena Kalm
Lisa Birnbaum Kate Dearing Maria Stamenkovic Herranz
Troian Bellisario Penelope Yates Jessica DiGiovanni
Bill Coyne Kyle Dean Massey Jonathan MacMillan



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