Noboo Kawaguchi


The focus of Noboo Kawaguchi's art is human beings. She takes people as her subject and delves deep into their emotions and state of mind. Noboo uses the full spectrum of human emotion to show the complexity and beauty of all. She combines notions of 'normal' versus 'strange' to bring forth a distinctive, expressive image. Loving New York focuses on the uniqueness of New York City. Although a native of Osaka, Noboo is fascinated with New York City's ability to not only tolerate many nationalities, but to use it's diversity as an asset in creating a culture where everyone is very different, yet all still consider themselves to be New Yorkers.

Her intention is to show the warmth and happiness of New Yorkers and to show how each person rejoices in being different. Loving New York is a tribute to New York's special identity as a multinational metropolis of free-thinking people. Noboo presents human images that portray strong and subtle emotions by using vivid colors juxtaposed with sharp bold contours. Since human beings are her canvas, she has developed a love of finding the beauty and uniqueness of every subject in her prints. She presents a subject through their facial expressions and attempts to portray internal thoughts, fears and anxieties. Kawaguchi was born in Osaka, japan and is a graduate of both the Nakanoshima Art School and the Visual Design Department of the Tokyo Designer Gakuin College. She had a successful career as a graphic designer and art director in Tokyo before moving to New York.


Bad Art

It's gonna be a spray day ...

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