Anamnesis & Aporia

In a Socratic dialogue written by Plato, Meno a representation of the unconnected consciousness as “I”, an individual, is reduced to aporia, or confusion. Within this analogue to chaos theory, the opening of transmutation allows for the genesis of ordered consciousness through the recollection of primordial existence, and all its eras thereafter, allowing the uninhibited consciousness to roam freely between parallels. In this state, “I” as self, becomes a spectator, witnessing the unfolding of all cosmic alchemy. Unplugged from the greaterconsciousness, the “I” as self, encounters its own demons in its journey to understand divinity.

Goodich seeks to explore the complexities of an undefined universe and traverse its many portals of psyche. Using a vast lexicon of media, and decades of experimentation to perfect various unique techniques, the images formed leave a distinct and lasting impression on the viewer. Within his work, are parallels in expression to our deepest fears, passions, and inclinations. A line drawing can spiral into a gargoyle, a passionate kiss can morph into a dangerous dance with Persephone, darkness can phase into compositions of white light.   

Viewing his work is like taking a trance walk into three, or sometimes four, simultaneous realities. And though some of his pieces are actually illuminated, even the works on paper give the feeling of luminosity through space and time. Silhouettes pass in and out of emotions of color and temperature, as if passing through levels of intensity. Forms evolve from chaos.

Whether it is layers of plexiglass interwoven with glassine papers, monotype imagery, oil stick drawings, or black sharpie draftsmanship combined with frottage textures and adjoined text fragments, the work punctures into the consciousness creating various portals of perception. There they seek to (de)reconstruct and (pre)explore, investigate, the simplest and most profound places, the complexities of our universal (dis)connectedness, in layered time fragments.

Nikolai Soren Goodich attended Otis Parsons, Art Institute of Chicago, and Rhode Island School of Design. He is a California native, and is the son of a renowned Cinematographer and a Black History Historian. He previously ran Orbetello, a creative loft venue and studio based in Los Angeles, has exhibited at Coagula, and has frequently set up multi-media pop up shows in both New York and Southern California. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

October 25, 2014 thru December 2, 2014

Gallery 169 - 169 W. Channel Rd. Santa Monica, CA 90402

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