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Rudolf Giuliani

Before he was 'America's Mayor', Rudy Giuliani was New York's mayor. Although popular for the first few years due to a largely coincidental drop in crime, by the middle of his second term New Yorkers had started to see his dark side. In the Fall of 1999 he launched an assault on freedom of expression; attempting to shut down art exhibits, sending police to raid artist's studios, and arresting gallery owners. Because he didn't like the art.

Giuliani tried to ban an exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum. One citizen, standing in line to view the Brooklyn exhibit commented "The issue here is freedom. This is not a dictatorship. It is supposed to be a democracy. This is typical Giuliani. He wants to impose his will on everyone else."

A federal district court judged that Giuliani’s attempt violated the First Amendment, but that didn't stop him. In 2001 Giuliani attempted to institute a "decency task force" to determine whether particular works of art were suitable to exhibit in museums receiving public funding.

Here's one of the pieces that Giuliani hates the most. It's a painting of the Virgin Mary, partly executed with elephant dung, by Chris Ofili. Not sure whether Rudy hates the medium or the message.

Then the September 11 terrorists attacks happened and everyone forgot about the First Amendment for a while. Fifteen years later Giuliani apparently went senile and 'forgot' when 9/11 happened. He stated for at least the third time since 2001 that there were no terrorist attacks before President Obama took office.

Donald Trump exploited Giuliani's misdirected rage for the benefit of his campaign, but knew that Rudy was off the rails because when it came time to hand out the party favors he didn't make the cut.

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