Torn Black Object

Torn Black Object


Torn Black Object is a series of minimalist still life photographs by Eric Jones. The images feature commonplace items found in the studio; solvent tins, clamps, light modifiers and such, posed and lighted in formalistic compositions.

The image Archive is of a box, the type of acid-free archival container in which photographers and collectors store prints. The composition is a focus-play of grey and black triangles leading the eye to the golden-section payoff… the vertical spine of the composition. The image is like an abstract tuxedo, and the archived element here could be formalism itself.

Images in the series are staged in a dead-pan manner with nothing added, taken away or manipulated. Forms are simply lit as if they were characters in a drama. Yet some provoke imagery, such as the amber filter in Filter. From a distance you might think it's an eye; appropriate for a filter meant to alter one's perception.
Torn Black Object


The composition called Hood brings to mind outer-space and planetary allusions, again somewhat appropriate for a lenshood intended to control the sun.

Blade is a static composition with a half-open jack-knife that belonged to the artist's late father. The bone handle stands erect but fading to black, as the well worn business end of the knife lies in repose.

There is nothing tricky here… it's just a knife balanced on it's blade. Like much of Jones' work, and previous paintings, the still life is staged to imply a narrative and engage the personality of the object.

A peek into Jones' thought process can be seen in the time-lapse video for his painting The Happy Teapot.
Torn Black Object


A snoot is a light modifier used by photographers to change the strength and diffusion of a light source. In the photograph titled Snoot the black object modifies or tears the single-source light, evoking architectonic splendor, primitivism, and design.

Of course 'snoot' is also a word for condescension or an air of intellectual superiority. It's the way many people see fine art and formalism; an arid academic approach to art which elevates form over content.

Torn Black Object prints are available on Saatchi Art.

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